What are some of the geographical features of Australia?
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1. Describe the attitude which you have about the center of Australia.

We feel as if the centre of Australia is a long way from us because it is so barron and deserted and we live in a more populated, city like area. It is about 4000km to get there from here. A lot of people fly there for the weekend, as an escape from their usual lifestyle. It is beautiful, with Ayres Rock or Uluru as the main focus in Central Australia. It is a sandstone rock formations in Alice Springs and is sacred to many Aboriginal tribes. There is also a big debate on whether to climb the big rock, as it is seen as an aboriginal temple. There is talk that the rock may be closed to climbing forever, however this may affect the tourism industry in Australia.
For those who have travelled extensively throughout Australia, what is your favourite part and why?
Liv - The murray river in victoria. It is in the north of victoria. I go there every summer with my family to go water skiing. It is beautiful up there. It is amazing because, two meters away from the water, there can be dry, barren land. The Landscape is amazing, and the heat in summer is over whelming. The river is about a 4 hour drive from the city of Melbourne. You have to drive through the countryside in victoria to get there. It is my favourite place because of it's beauty.
Kelly - I have travelled to lots of different places in Australia, but I still really love just the whole country. I really just love the whole country, just the atmosphere I guess. Whilst it is great up north, in the northern territory with the gorgeous gorges, it is equally as beautiful at the beaches. I really just love the country as a whole.

For example, the Great Barrier Reef and the Outback. Are they common to Australians, have most visited or what would be interesting/popular vacation spots for an Australian?

Alice Springs
Great Barrier Reef
Sydney Harbor Bridge
Sydney Opera House
Canberra Parliament House
The 12 Apostles
Great Ocean Road
Cradle Mountain Tasmania
Bondi Beach
The Nullarbor
The Murray River
Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)
Sovereign Hill

Many Australian residents have visited many of these attractions. However many of the natural features such as Uluru are only visited once by Australians. The more man-made features such as Melbourne and the MCG are visited on a regular basis by citizens.

There is a lot of uninhabitable space... so we mostly stick to the cities on the coast.

This is just another couple of questions we have answered for your possible interest.
If you could recommend a foreign visitor to come to Australia to witness one season what would it be?
If a foreign visitor was to visit Australia for one season, we would most definitely recommend summer! This is because we have some of the nicest beaches where you can go surfing, swimming, snorkelling and soak up the sun. Bondi Beach is probably most well known for its surf, but there are also many in Victoria where we live that are just as good.

Do Australians differ between states? What might the influences be? (eg do more foreigners settle in some cities than others?)
Melbourne, the capital city of Victoria, is a lot more populated compared to Perth, the capital of Western Australia; there are more foreigners such as refugees from Vietnam, Italy and Greece after World War 2 in Melbourne, as it is such a diverse city and more livable than Perth. Melbourne is one of the most multicultural cities in the world.
Western Australia is an extremely large state, where farming is the common occupation for families, so is significantly less densely populated than Melbourne as the outer suburbs from the main city are less built up and developed than other states.
Schooling in Western Australia compared to Victoria is also different. Western Australians finish school when they are 17 compared to Victorians who finish when they are 18. Most students at schools in Perth board there because there are less schools in operation as it is less densely populated, so most have to travel great distances to attend their school.

What do we think our reputation as a culture and a people is overseas?
We believe other countries think of us as very relaxed and easygoing. A common misperception of Australians is that we all live in Outback Australia and ride our pet kangaroos to work; however, many of the major cities are highly developed. Australians are also well known for our passionate love of sport, in particular cricket and Aussie Rules Football. The tennis Australian Open is one large event held in Melbourne, which attracts many spectators from all over Australia and all over the world, they dress up and support their country with pride. Australian’s are also known for their love of having lamb chops cooked on the barbeque, but being a very multicultural country, we also enjoy food from other countries.

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