The landscape of Arizona - what is it like? Do you have any works of literature that use the landscape as a basis for the story/poem?

This is Arizona's landscape in a nutshell...

The landscape of Arizona is different depending on where you are. Places in northern Arizona such as Flagstaff, Sedona, and Payson are usually very mountainous and full of plant life and wildlife. Sedona is known for its unique rock formations, they are beautiful and red. Flying over them is a true experience to check them out! The rocks there all around come in all different forms/shapes and sizes. Also, the natural bridge in Payson is a sight to behold. Its an enormous structure that forms a huge bridge with a river running off the side of it. Just looking at its ceiling from underneath it is pretty intimidating. I almost forgot about the Grand Canyon. I think that its name is pretty self explanatory. It is huge! Basically its ten times more majestic than the natural bridge. Its the landmark that defines Arizona. Its the king of canyons. The landscape is different in the southern parts of Arizona. It is mostly desert. Arizona's deserts are full of Plateaus, Mountains, and Hills covered with jumping cacti, and saguaros. There are many different plants in our deserts here.

Its really dry. It doesn't rain that much, and its really hot.

There are quite a few mountains, especially further north. It's colder in northern Arizona, and it snows a little.

It is incredibly hot here in Arizona, that is the southern part of it. Northern Arizona can get pretty cold. Sedona is one the most beautiful places in the entire world, and we have it here in Arizona. It has a lot of red sandstones and different types of gorgeous rocks and stones. When the sun hits this area, it is incredibly marvelous. Many people don't know a lot about what Arizona has except for The Grand Canyon. Arizona may be dry, hot, and a little boring, but it is actually a very beautiful place to live in. The Grand Canyon is in fact one of the most amazing sites that one can ever see. It is one of the seven wonders of the world, and the moment that you see it in person, you no longer doubt why. It is so deep and so wide. The most amazing part is that it was all carved by the Colorado River. It is very true that it rarely rains here. I, for one, do not enjoy the rain at all, for some reason. Lucky for me, Gilbert, Arizona barely receives and rainfall all year round. We basically have two seasons: hot and hotter. The summers here kill. They are incredibly hot, and most of the people enjoy staying indoors to stay inside air conditioning. Haha..=) The wintertime is a little bit cooler, but not nearly as cool as the East Coast. Many Arizonians think that winter can get pretty cold, when in fact our "cold" is someone else's "warm". Although Arizona has some drawbacks, I am very blessed to live in a state with great landmarks and wonderful people...
-Ashwini Dhas

It's a huge desert and it can get pretty hot, but seeing as you guys are from australia you'd probably be used to that. We have some forested that are kinda further north I want to say, it's colder north so cold that it'll snow there sometimes. There are also many mountains plateaus and cacti, we also have the Grand Canyon. There are also alot of trees with a lot of thorns and stuff! Also, south of our central valley there are quite a few mountains such as Mt. Lemon. Some of these areas can get a lot of snow which makes skiing popular there as well as in the north. The University of Arizona, or the U of A, is located in this southern region; Go Wildcats!
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In Arizona we have many different types of land features. In the northern part of Arizona the landscape is very different than the southern part of Arizona. The northern part is more of a forest. In the north you would be able to see plenty of snow in the winter. The wildlife is also very different because of the landscape. There are bears, mountain lions, deer, elk, and many more animals. The south is probably what most people envision when they hear about Arizona. The south has a very dry hot desert climate. In these parts you are able to see many different types of cacti and other desert plants. We live in the southern part. The southern part also has a big temperature difference than the northern part. The southern part is typically 20-30 degrees warmer than the northern part. One thing that both parts do share are mountains. Mountains are everywhere in Arizona. In Gilbert we are in the "valley of the sun" surrounded with mountains all around us. One thing that I think most people think about Arizona is that all it has is cacti and dirt. That is not true. Many parts in Arizona are very well built up and we have very beautiful towns and cities. One other thing about Arizona is that we have the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises I have ever seen!

Arizona is a very dry state. Almost all desert except in the north on the rim and at the Grand Canyon. Temperatures can range from 40 degrees in the winter and 120 degrees in the summer. David.

G'day mates! Believe it or not there is snow here up in the mountains. Down here in the desert it is really hot in the summer but most people are used to it! We hardly get any rain at all but i love it here. We have a lot of cactus but be careful they are pointy.

Hey mates! Arizona has a very dry landscape. it is so hot out here and during the winter it rarely ever gets cold, cold.

P.S. I am moving to Sydney Australia for college!

Hi! The landscape of Arizona is very dry and it is also very hot here. There are many cactus and canyons here in Arizona. It doesn't normally rain here. It does snow in the winter sometimes though. Only in the higher elevations! Also we did get rain yesterday:) It wasn't much but it was good enough!! By: Paige Oitzman

Howdy! So the landscape in Arizona is mainly dry, super dry. Though we got rain yesterday! First rain in a long time. Arizona's covered with sand since it's basically a huge dessert. We've also got A LOT of mountains, some pretty prominent. But yeah, that's our state in a very brief nutshell! I wish I lived in Australia.

Hi I'm Hope!
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Arizona is a famously arid state, and is rich in desert landscapes. However, in the northern region of the state, the Colorado Plateau offers other landscapes, with much of it covered by pine forests. The high elevation of the plateau often provides a climate significantly cooler than the rest of the state. Arizona is home to the Grand Canyon, a steep-sided gorge 277 miles long and sometimes over 1 mile deep. It's pretty hot, but I love it here. (= Hannah says-It is super hot here in the summer. In the winter it snows here! There are mountains everywhere. It's really dry here. There is lots of desert here and rocks. There aren't very many trees, but there are more up north. It doen't rain a lot, but it rained yesterday!external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT5OqhUiLjxd4YM-9ksF18vmwpVE3YhSAXpy8xmwGyZaALRDj_KxA this is a cactus and you see a lot of these out here. Arizona's landscape is hot and dry, especially in the valley where all of the major cities are! There are lots of cacti across Arizona in the large stretches of desert. It still snows in the winter but usually just in the areas of higher elevation. There are somedays when the temperature gets so high, you break a sweat walking out to your car to leave in the morning. -Ben The landscape here depends on which part of Arizona you are in. Most of Arizona doesn't get snow in the winter except up north in the winter we get a lot of snow. Most of the land is dry and there is a lot of desert land. We get some rainfall during monsoon season, but it is not an abundant amount. We have a variety of animals and plants like cactus and coyotes. It is a very diverse state. By: Summer Bute:)

It barely ever rains and snow is basically never seen. Its very dry and beyond hot. There is alot of dust and dirt devils swirling around.There are aloy of mountains surrounding the main valley of arizona. sam jones My name is Brittany! I'm so excited to talk with you guys over skype! It's going to be fun! The air is very dry and we have a ton of cacti! We have the Grand Canyon as well! It's so cool! :)