What did the first settlers of Arizona settlers bring from their original country that has shaped the landscape? What landmarks suggest this?

Well, Arizona is pretty much the same wherever you go, except for that the further North you get though the colder it gets. For example; throughout the Southern portion it is extremely hot during the summers(sometimes over 110º) and mild in the winters, but in the Northern parts the temperature is mild in the summer and cold in the winter, receiving snow more often than not.
Arizona's Southern border is shared with Mexico, which causes some political issues due to illegal immigration.

Arizona is completly landlocked. Arizona shares land borders with Utah, New Mexico, Nevada, and Mexico. Arizona is also one of the Four corners states. Arizona is the state with the second lowest percentage of water area. Arizona is the sixth largest U.S. state.
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Cam says,
Because American was settled only by the English and no one else our culture is pretty much the same everywhere you go. However, because our state shares a border with Mexico we have a lot of HIspanic influence. It has actually become a big problem because thousands of Hispanics have been sneaking across our border and settling here in Arizona. Our government is trying to stop it but they are starting to change for them. For example many of our road signs and billboards are in Spanish and English. But at the same time you can't go wrong with some good Mexican food.

Arizona was first settled by the Spanish in 1752, but was taken from the Spanish by the Mexicans who gained their independence in 1821. Arizona became apart of the Territory of Nueva California, but during the Mexican - American War (1847), the U.S. occupied that territory all the way up too Mexico City. But in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (1848), the land was given back to Mexico. In 1853, via the Gadsden Purchase, the territory was permanently restored to America. Finally after numerous years full of complications, Arizona was accepted as the 48th State of America on February 14, 1912, the last of the contiguous states. Arizona still maintains a white majority, but about 30% of the state's population are hispanic or latino. The Spanish/Mexican culture still remains a big part of Arizona, because of the pivotal role that they played in Arizona.

Zoe says:
Native American influence is still prevalent in parts of Arizona, especially in areas near the reservations. Jewelry, art, and clothing made by different Native American nations are popular with tourists and citizens of Arizona alike.


flower of saguaro cactus (1931)
cactus wren (1931)
blue and old gold (1915)
“Arizona” (1919)
palo verde (1954)
bola tie (1971)
petrified wood (1988)
turquoise (1974)
ringtail (1986)
Arizona ridgenose rattlesnake (1986)
Arizona trout (1986)
Arizona tree frog (1986)
two-tailed swallowtail (2001)
**Nickname:** Grand Canyon State
**Origin of name:** Uncertain. Perhaps from the O'odham Indian word for “little spring”
10 largest cities (2005 est.): Phoenix, 1,461,575; Tucson, 515,526; Mesa, 442,780; Glendale, 239,435; Chandler, 234,939; Scottsdale, 226,013; Gilbert, 173,989; Tempe, 161,143; Peoria, 138,200; Yuma, 84,688
**Land area:** 113,635 sq mi. (294,315 sq km)
Geographic center: In Yavapai Co., 55 mi. ESE of Prescott
Number of counties: 15
Largest county by population and area: Maricopa, 3,635,528 (2005); Coconino, 18,562 sq mi.
State parks: 28
**Residents:** Arizonan, Arizonian


Map of Arizona

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Hello- This is Katelyn from AZ.:)
This is our school schedule:
Begin-7:45 am
Period 1 7:45-8:34am
Period 2 8:38-9:31
Period 3 9:35-10:24
Period 4 10:28-11:17
Period 5 11:50-12:39pm
Period 6 12:43-1:32
Period 7 1:36-2:26
Z hour(go to any class or club) 2:26-3:10
Sport's practices/Drama Practice 3:45-5:30pm
Sports include: Fall(August-October)-Girl's Volleyball, Swim, Cross Country, Football), Winter(November-February)-Men's and Women's Basketball, Cheer, Co-ed Soccer, Spring(February-May)-Track and Field, Men's Golf, Baseball.
Clubs include: Prayer Team, FCA(Fellowship of Christian Athletes), Drama Team, SAT Prep, Student Council.

Arizona emerged from World War II as a modern state. War industries spawned an expanding peacetime manufacturing boom that soon provided the principal source of income, followed by tourism, agriculture, and mining. During the 1950s, the political scene changed. Arizona Republicans captured the governorship, gained votes in the legislature, won congressional seats, and brought a viable two-party system to the state. The rise of Barry Goldwater of Phoenix to national prominence further encouraged Republican influence. At this present state the Governor of Arizona is a republican, she has done a lot of good for our state. Thank You Governor Brewer :D
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