Australian students respond here.
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When looking at the history of a nation, each nation has their own view. What would a timeline of the top ten events that have shaped your nation look like. What would your students idea be of what shaped ours?

- Settlement
- Gold Rush
- Federation - this was when our country turned from many different states into one nation and when our Constitution was established
- World War One
- 2000 Sydney Olympics
- Sorry Day - when Kevin 07 apologised to people affected by the Stolen Generation
- Recent terrible national disasters - bushfires, floods etc
- Vote for Women - women empowerment
- First Female Prime Minister (Julia Gillard stabbed Kevin 07 in the back)
- Republican Debate (although our teacher loves prince william and wants him to be her king)

1. White man came - convict settlement.
2. 1901 - federation (we became a country).
3. WWI
5. Vietnam
6. Prime Minister Harold Holt went swimming and never came back...
7. 1967 - Aborigines get the vote (women had it since 1908).
8. John Howard came into power - UH OH!!
9. Kevin Rudd PM apologised to Indigenous people who were affected by the separation of Aboriginal children from their families - 2008
10. Julia Gillard comes into power - our first female Prime Minister.

1. The White Australian Settlement
2. When we became a federation (when the states joined together to become a Country and wrote the constitution).
3. When the AFL (Australian Football League) started
4. When women and indigenous Australians were given the same rights as men and white Australians.
5. The various Australian inventions (hills hoist(clothes line), the black box, vegemite etc.)
6. When Harold Holt (a prime minister) disappeared whilst swimming in the bay
7. When Kevin Rudd (former PM) said 'Sorry' to the 'Stolen Generation'.
8. The never ending Australian natural disasters (i.e. Black Saturday (2009), Queensland Floods (2011), etc.)
9. Anzac Day & Labour Day celebrations
10. The Gold Rush

How do we think the reconciliation debate (with aborigines) has influenced the understanding we have of ourselves?

When Kevin Rudd announced his apology to the Stolen Generation, many Australians were relieved and proud that our country was taking a step in the right direction. It was a moment that captured the hearts of many Australians even though it wasnt this generation that who was directly affected. This was a good starting point, although there is still a large amount of difference between the quality of life of an Indigenous Australian as opposed to the life of a white Australian. There are still many problems such as alcoholism that the Aborigines are working to get through. There is a long way yet to go as we are still trying to mend the gap.

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