What is it like to be a teenager in Australia? Let our Arizona friends know.

Generally, we awake at around 7am each morning, and begin school at 8.45am. We have classes that run throughout the day until 3.30pm, when many of us attend after school activities such as sport training or music. On the weekends many of us work at part time jobs, play and watch sport, and hang out with friends. As we progress through school the pressure on students increases, during year 12 we have regular tests and responsibilities as leaders of the school which test our time organisation and perseverance. The majority of Australian teenagers finish year 12, those who don't generally leave school at year 10 and get an apprenticeship as a builder or the like. Completion of year 12 is generally required for most jobs, so it is an important part of our lives. University studies are also required of many jobs, and a good year 12 result is generally needed to be accepted into university. So, at the moment many of us are looking at our options for different universities and what we would like to study there.